20 de abril de 2014


Nuevo video adelanto del libro de los Alemanes  Taps & Moses, "Same Same".
El libro estará disponible a partir de mañana 21 de Abril en thegrifters.org
SAME SAME™ is the title of a photobook which focuses on MOSES & TAPS™ throw ups and their surroundings. “As to form graffiti is redundant due to a repetitive personal style. As to content graffiti is redundant due to a repeating name. Therefore, the most exciting moment - the symbiosis of graffiti and its surrounding - can only be achieved if the individuality of the painted steps in the background,” TM™ explain the idea behind their project. Thus, SAME SAME™ is not supposed to continue INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ but it is to solve the dilemma between ‘perfect piece’ and ‘perfect photograph’. Again MOSES & TAPS™ take the viewer on their probably never-ending journeys travelling the continents: tunnels in Berlin, the Trans-Siberian Railway, or NATO military training areas; blue and yellow Easter eggs do not only travel the world on thousands of freight cars any longer.

SAME SAME™ is not a mass product but a collector’s item. That is why it is strictly limited to only 500 copies. All copies are serially numbered and the title will be stenciled on each hardcover by MOSES & TAPS™ - every copy will be unique. The book won’t be available in shops. The worldwide release will be on Easter Monday, 21st April, 10:00 a.m. CEST. It will be sold exclusively at www.grifters.org only.


Este escritor alicantino afincado en Madrid nos ha enviado un poco de material fresco. Puedes ver mas cosas sobre el y su crew en su Flickr

Recordaros que podéis mandarnos vuestro material para publicar en el blog a la dirección estiloycojones@gmail.com. Muchas gracias a los que colaboráis con nosotros.

18 de abril de 2014


En el nuevo vídeo producido por "Paranoid Activity’s". En el cual vemos al escritor Odes marcandose una buena pieza, en el viejo modelo de tren gris Parisino.

Papa ODES in Paris from Paranoid Activity's on Vimeo.